【Champagne Lounge】

Date & Time: 10-12 April, all day
Venue: Champagne Lounge

The popular Champagne lounge from Düsseldorf's ProWein is arriving in Tokyo!

We are excited to showcase high-quality Champagnes that may not be widely known yet, giving professionals in Japan the opportunity to discover.

©Messe Düsseldorf, Constanze Tillmann

【MUNDUS VINI award-winning wines tasting area】

Date & Time: 10-12 April, all day
Venue: MUNDUS VINI tasting area

You are the first outside of Europe to experience the MUNDUS VINI award-winning wines before anywhere else!

Organized by the German publisher Meininger, the international wine competition MUNDUS VINI attracts entries from around the world, totaling 7,500 wines.

We wish everyone has the chance to encounter wonderful wines.

©Messe Düsseldorf, Constanze Tillmann

【Spirits Bar】

Date & Time: 10-12 April, time tbc
Venue: Spirits Bar

Discover a new encounter with spirits!

Japanese are known for enjoining spirits in diverse ways. At ProWine Tokyo, we propose delightful and enjoyable ways to savor spirits. Using products provided by exhibitors, professional bartenders will mix spirits with something you may not have experienced yet, delivering a new exciting experience.