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出展者プロフィール / Exhibitor OutlineRueda Verdejo - Discover Spain’s #1 Selling White Wine and Best Kept Secret

Rueda DO is Spain’s leading region for white wine, with a rich history dating back centuries. Here, innovation, sustainability and diversity are front and center. Despite a rugged, challenging landscape and climate, this renowned area is home to Rueda’s Verdejo, Spain’s #1 selling white wine. These dry, crisp and refreshing wines are complex yet approachable, drink above their price point and pair effortlessly with numerous cuisines. So many are just now discovering these gems, but if you know, you know!
Rueda is located in Castilla y León, about a 2 hour drive northwest of Madrid. Castilla y León is home to more than 300 medieval castles dating to the eighth and ninth centuries, boasts over 400 museums and over a hundred historical city centers which accounts for the majority of Spain’s cultural heritage. The River Duero runs through this prestigious wine region. Winemaking dates back 1,000+ years and both regions have been producing wines for travelers since ancient times. Verdejo grape is the indigenous variety in Rueda and it gets the best of the Rueda´s terroir. Other white grapes are nevertheless used in Rueda with excellent results, such as Sauvignon Blanc, Viura, Palomino Fino or Viognier.
DO Rueda is found on high plains over the Duero River rising to between 700-940 meters above sea level. Winters are cold and very long; springs are short and late frosts are frequent. In contrast, summers are hot and dry. Rainfall levels are very low, with a minimum of 300 liters and a maximum of 500 liters per year.
The marked difference between day and night temperatures (being this difference of more than 20 degrees) is a key factor in helping to mantain the balance between the grapes´sugar levels, brought about by the sun, and excellent acidity, mantained by the cool nights.
Most of Rueda´s soil has lime-rich, sandy clay and rocky soils with extreme growing conditions. Most bodegas train vines in a classic goblet or bush style best suited for dry farming areas with high heat and low rainfall.

Verdejo from Rueda is Spain’s #1 White Wine & Home to the World’s Next Great White Wine
● World-Class Winemakers moved to Rueda to make the best white wine in Spain, because the region’s extreme growing conditions allow for creating premium white wines. Esteemed French wine families are among them.
● Sustainable Before it was Fashionable: Rueda has an innovative tradition of sustainable practices dating back decades, long before the rest of the world began adopting rotational viticulture, organics and biodynamic methods.
● A World-Class Wine: Verdejo is developing a reputation for richness, herbal notes, complexity, minerality and aging potential of 5-10 years. Utilizing lees-aging for texture combined with oak-aging, Ruedas can compete with Loire, Sancerre, Chablis and Bordeaux.
● Verdejo for Everyday Celebrations: The region also makes beautiful everyday wines, young, fresh in style, which align with the profiles of Sauvignon Blanc & Pinot Grigio. Crisp and refreshing, they are the perfect warm weather white wine, to be enjoyed on a patio, a boat or a beach.

● The Building Blocks for Perfect Food Pairings: Verdejo showcases bright acidity, almond and hazelnut notes, lime, grapefruit, melon, and herbs along with a variety of textures ranging from light and bright on the palate to weighty and mouth-filling – limitless potential at the holiday table or the picnic table!

Come and visit us at Stand 7F-21 and taste more than 100 wines from 30 different wineries in our free tasting tunnel, where you will find a broad variety of wines that shows the diversity of the D.O. Rueda. From the excellent Verdejo wines to the finest Sauvignon Blanc, passing through Sparkling, Generosos, Barrel fermented or even a red wine from the D.O. Rueda can be found at our booth.
Special mention is due to our Gran Vino de Rueda, a new category for wines made with old vineyards, low yields (less than 6.500 Kg./hectare) and low extraction. 8 wines of this new category of the D.O. Rueda will be present at our tasting tunnel at Prowein Tokyo.
Moreover you will also have the opportunity of talking to the representatives of 10 D.O. Rueda wineries with an individual booth at the D.O. Rueda stand:
- Bodega Blanco Nieva –
- Bodega Rodríguez y Sanzo –
- Bodegas Garciarévalo –
- Bodegas Grupo Yllera –
- Bodegas Pandora –
- Bodegas y Viñedos Shaya –
- Diez Siglos de Verdejo –
- Finca Montepedroso –
- Grupo Valdecuevas –
- Viñas Murillo –

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D.O. Rueda
製品カテゴリー / Product Categories
1.1 Still wines - red / スティルワイン - 赤、1.3 Still wines - white / スティルワイン - 白、1.4 Sparkling wines / スパークリングワイン、1.5 Fortified wines / フォーティファイドワイン、1.8 Organic wines / オーガニックワイン、1.9 Vegan wines / ヴィーガンワイン
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製造元 / Manufacturer
D.O. Rueda
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ブドウ品種 / Grape Variety
ボディ / Indicate Body
ミディアム/ Medium
味 / Indicate Taste
辛口/ Dry
アルコール度数(%) / Alcohol(%)
13 %
受賞歴 / Awards History
Awardes by the main experts worldwide: Tim Atkin, Jancis Robinson, Decanter, Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast etc.
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