Weingut Gutzler 7F-07

国名 / CountryGermany/ドイツ連邦共和国

出展分野 / Product Category

出展者プロフィール / Exhibitor Outline Gundheim Wonnegau - a small town in the south of Rheinhessen. Here you will find our winery, which is simply called like us: Gutzler. For generations we have been deeply connected to the place, the landscape and of course the calcareous soils that are so important to the wine we make.

Wines that naturally reflect not only the soil in which they grow, but also ourselves. Down-to-earth and traditional, but also modern and cosmopolitan. Strong in character, with rough edges instead of arbitrary complacency. Natural and powerful without being bulky.

Everything that defines us, our love for our profession, can be felt and tasted in our wines, our brandies and our sparkling wine. By the way, we are Christine and Michael Gutzler, who today consistently continue what Gerhard Gutzler started 35 years ago: our winery and to make our wines so unique that they speak for themselves.

We look forward to getting to know you during a visit to our winery. And above all, of course: when enjoying one of our wines.