"Wine Kingdom" Seminars

【Label Contest】

Date & Time: 10-12 April, all day
Venue: Wine Kingdom booth

The criteria for choosing alcohol, such as origin, producer, grape variety, and taste, vary from person to person. However, the label, which is the 'face' of the beverage, is also a crucial factor in selecting wines, sake, and spirits.

At the Wine Kingdom booth, wineries and breweries will present labels created with stories. We invite you to cast your vote for the label that makes you say, 'The label looks so nice! I want to buy it!'

The voting results will be announced later in the prominent magazine 'Wine Kingdom'.

【"Wine Kingdom" Seminars *HELD IN JAPANESE】

Date & Time: 10-12 April (Wed.-Fri.), every day 12:15~12:45 / 13:45~14:15 / 15:15~15:45
Lecturers: 10 & 11 April: Mr. Koichi TANABE
     12 April: Mr. Yuya KONDO

Hot Topics in 2024! Wine Trends and Pairing

Wine journal "Wine Kingdom" will be hosting a mini-seminars with tasting to cover the latest trends in wine. They'll explore various themes such as "non-alcoholic & low-alcohol wines", now commonly offered in many restaurants, the expanding market of "Organic Wines", and the emergence of "Next Burgundy" wines as alternatives to the continously soaring Burgundy wines. Additionally, they'll delve into trends essential for crafting wine lists in restaurants, including the surprising versatility of "Rose Wines" for pairing. They'll also provide insights into "What is Wine and Food Pairing?" and practical tips that can be immediately applied alongside the showcased wines.

Please check the details announced through the seminar information page.